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The fundamentals of the property market remain sound and attractive. However, lenders’ funds have hardly been plentiful since the crash of 2008.

You therefore need a lender with resources and an imagination and property experience to match your own
You also want a lender who is nimble and responsive, with no bureaucratic layers to put the brakes on fast decisions. Flourish Capital has been created by property professionals, for property professionals. We combine an entrepreneurial culture with that true depth of resources to make things happen.


An important point to remember is that senior debt providers do vary. It is vitally important that the mezzanine funder and senior debt provider are able to work alongside each other and provide the flexible funding level you require – without complications. That’s why, at Flourish Capital, we only work with like-minded senior debt providers. Equally, our flexible approach means that we may also be able to help even when no senior debt can be raised.

Based on our detailed understanding of the practical needs of developers, Flourish Capital provides a wide range of development finance with a particular focus on mezzanine finance. The attraction of this route is that it provides you with bespoke finance that is way above the level of funding offered by mainstream senior debt providers. It is secured via a second legal charge over the asset being financed.

Although mezzanine finance attracts a higher rate of interest than senior debt (reflecting the higher risk attached to the loan), it has a major benefit: the lower levels of equity you are required to invest as a developer. In turn, this enhances the return on the capital you employ and allows you to take on a greater number of schemes.